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School of the Naked Dog and Doglinks presents:

Edie Jane Eaton TTOUCH Training

Evening demonstration, Friday, March 12
Weekend workshop, March 13, 14, 2010


TTouch poster

DOWNLOAD this poster in a A4 PDF file



Friday evening: in town at 96 Bristol Street, Foundation of the Blind's hall, Christchurch

Sat/Sun workshop: Canterbury Kennel Association, Macleans Island. Click here for a map

Evening workshop, Friday March 12 7-9pm
Weekend Workshop, Sat/Sun March 13, 14

Those registered for the weekend workshop can come to the Friday evening session free of charge


Camping on-site allowed: $10 to $15 per night
You need to book with the Kennel Club



Friday evening only
35.00 at the door or $30 paid in advance

Friday evening is a lecture/demonstration introducing the ttouches, groundwork and some of our tools. It will also introduce people to the principles of the work, which underlie the techniques. It is not a hands-on event.  Participants of the weekend workshop are encouraged to attend Friday night (at no extra charge).

Saturday only (March 13)
Introductory Workshop $145

Weekend Workshop 13/14
$225.00 (register/paid before February 15)

The weekend workshop will be hands-on, and you can bring your dog. Even without a dog people usually get plenty of hands-on experience. For some people having their dog there is an asset, particularly if they want to focus on a problem, and others learn more without the distraction.

Depending on interest, we may offer the training to cover 5 days required as Part 1 of the TTouch Certification Program.
We hold sessions about once a year in NZ.


Register HERE

Payment will be requested after you register.


Contact Edie Jane


Contact Natalie at Doglinks for more information


What is TTOUCH?

TTouch was developed by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon). Based on cooperation and respect, this method offers a positive approach to training. It combines bodywork and ground exercises to improve co-ordination and balance. Good physical balance positively influences emotional and mental states, helping animals to be calmer, and improving their ability to focus. It can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.

Through TTouch, dogs are better able to develop self-control and self-confidence - the lack of which underlies most undesirable behaviours and interferes with the ability to learn.

Who can benefit from TTouch?

dogs, horses, cats...

Benefits of TTouch

The Tellington TTouch can help in cases of:

  • Excessive Barking and Chewing
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping Up
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Extreme Fear and Shyness
  • Resistance to Grooming
  • Excitability and Nervousness
  • Car Sickness
  • Problems Associated With Aging
Introduction- Who is Edie Jane?

Edie Jane's professional life revolves around using TTouch and Feldenkrais to help humans and animals find ways to feel better, cope with stress, enjoy better health, and act more comfortably and effectively.

Both methods address the nervous system, calling upon its intelligence to recover the ease and comfort that we may remember from childhood.

They can provide a means for overcoming the many big, or just bothersome, injuries and dysfunctions that most of us find ouwe do and how we do it.

It gives a sense of other possibilities and provides supporselves dealing with as we grow up or grow old. The process is one that encourages adaptation by helping us and animals become aware, consciously and unconsciously, of what rtive environments in which to explore those possibilities and make appropriate and healthy choices.

Learn more about Edie Jane by reading her website-- Listening to Whispers

“Edie Jane's dog workshop in Christchurch was a total delight. The "bodywork" is lovely in itself and totally applicable to human animals too, with its focus on quieting and soothing, as well as being stimulating and playful.

  This was a day where the words "no" and "should" never happened... were never said and never heard. Never even thought of!

  Edie Jane is a superb teacher who creates a learning situation with great ease and fluency. And gives such an insight into living with other animals, of all species!” 

Rupert Watson, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Wellington.

  “ I thoroughly enjoyed Edie Jane's calm, humourous, yet sensitive approach during the weekend.  Her genuine concern for the animals and their owner/handlers is very apparent through her dealings with ‘issues' and behavioural problems.

At no time did she pass judgement on the special owner/handler relationship, but dealt with what was presented, and focused on ways to move forward using TTouch to assist the animal in discovering new ways to move and behave.” 

Kate Southcombe, EPR Training, B.Ed (Hons)


Videos- These videos gives you an introduction to TTouch. Understanding why this works will all be explained in the workshop.
PLEASE NOTE: These YouTube videos are not of Edie Jane, but they do show you some of the benefits of TTouch which she will demonstrate.

This video is about one person's experience with TTouch from a frightened shelter dog to a confident dog.




The next video is about the use of the body wrap, and it's soothing way of calming a dog.





My experience with this topic is that I am a Certified Tellington Touch Practioner. I am a behavior trainer and work with reactive and aggressive dogs. For those of you who do not know Tellington Touch or have had brief encounters with it, it is anything but "woo woo" as someone suggested. The touches work at the cellular level and is not massage. It is a three part system of touch, leading exercises and higher learning coursework. Ttouch Method of Training develops a calm, relaxed, focused dog who is ready to learn, and one whose confidence increases.

I get the ones with bite history, the hyperactive dogs, the obsessive compulsive,the ones who are so shy and fearful if you look at them wrong they back away. My own two dogs one dog dog reactive, the other was human reactive and had hind end issues is 98% cured because of ttouch and the other 100%. The one who was reactive to humans has seizures due to hypothyroidism and ttouch has not only delayed or stopped a seizure altogether, but brings him down post ictal quicker.

I've seen dogs who were so stressed and nervous completely relax with the Tellington Touch Method of Training, and I've even seen a rat fall asleep, a turtle sigh, a bunny become totally calm. The dogs I work with many are not ready for touch yet, so we work up to it with all the tools that Tellington Touch has to offer. I've seen many "miracle moments" with animals and with people as well.

Please be sure you understand exactly what a technique is and what it does. I also am a professional clicker trainer and co-moderator of Clicker Solutions. These tools are powerful together. One of the very popular Tellington instructors Kathy Cascade, works with reactive and aggressive dogs also, and one comes to mind - one of the Vick's pitbull rescues who was so shy and fearful he literally couldn't interact with people. With Tellington Touch this dog is now a therapy dog and you wouldn't be able to tell he was a fighting dog. Kathy is a Physical Therapist and talks about how the touches work from that standpoint.

It has saved many dogs from euthanasia and rehoming in my practice.

Diane Garrod


Doglinks and The School of the Naked Dog are assisting with the Christchurch leg of Edie Jane's trip. Blair and Natalie met Edie Jane on her Dunedin trip last year (2009). Blair, a touchy-feely sceptic, was amazed when an aggressive dog presented himself in our seminar who's behaviour transformed itself.

This dog was scared, barked, interrupted us... basically considered a nuisance dog by any other means. The poor dog owner was embarrassed with his behaviour. Her boyfriend threathen removal of the dog. She walked it less and less as its behaviour was deteriorating more and more.

After this dog was in our class for the 2 days, his behaviour was incredibly modified. He was able to sit by his owner with the other dogs nearby without any vocalisation. Blair was so fascinated, and awe struck that he's now a believer. Blair and Natalie use TTouch in their dog training classes and with their private clients. Their students have seen some anxious dogs calm down with a bit of 'mouth work' (massaging around the mouth)

Natalie and Blair are proud to help organise Edie Jane's Christchurch Tour. They are looking forward to refining their skills, and helping other learn this unique way of helping their animal companion.

This would be money well spent if you are interesting in learning more about this technique, if you have an aggressive dog, or if you work with dogs and any other animal every day.


The following pictures are Blair and Natalie's pictures of their introduction to TTouch in Dunedin 2009.
TTouch TTouch
TTocuh TTouch
TTouch TTouch

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